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Pineda Causeway Florida


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Pineda Causeway

This is a shot of the Pineda Causeway from a boat launch just North of the Pineda Causeway in Palm Shores Florida. Across the Indian River Lagoon, you see Merritt Island, and then the second leg of the Pineda Causeway that spans the Banana River.

Unlike many causeways in the area, the Pineda causeway has no street lights on it. This is because of its close proximity to the runway at Patrick Air Force base. In fact, if you continue over this bridge heading east toward the Atlantic ocean (only a couple miles away), you will see the Air Force Base on the north side of the road.

The Pineda Causeway is the furthest north river crossing in the Melbourne / Eau Gallie / Palm Bay area. About 5 miles to the south is the Eau Gallie Causeway, but the next causeway to the north is 520 in Cocoa about 25 miles to the north. There is no other way out to the barrier island between those two points.

These causeways are vital links between the beachside populations and the rest of Florida. However, these causeways become unsafe when winds exceed 45 miles per hour during large storms and hurricanes. After these storms, the bridges are usually closed and inspected, but they open back up rather quickly. For more info, check here.

In the early days of settlements along the Indian River, the beachside communities were only accessible via ferries. Later swing bridges and drawbridges were built. Eventually these large causeways were put in to allow passage of traffic and boats without either disrupting the other.

Night Blooming Cereus Wallpaper


Night Blooming Cereus

The night blooming Cereus is the flower of a vine like cactus whose flowers only bloom one night per year. This particular one is growing up the trunk of a live oak tree that is covered in Spanish Moss. The photo was taken late at night under a nearly full moon with a partly cloudy sky in the background.

This really is an amazing flower that many people may have growing on their property and not even know it exists. These flowers close up at the first sign of daylight… heck, you can even shine a flashlight on them and they will start to close. If you are home before dark and leave after dawn during the week or so that the different buds bloom (each bloom lasts one night, but some buds bloom a few nights before or after the others), you would never know they exist.

This particular species is actually a Selenicereus grandiflorus, and it is also known as a Queen of the Night, orChrist in the manger.

Gator by the River


4k Gator Wallpaper | Juvenile Aligator Stock Photo

I saw this juvenile gator by the Indian River while walking my dog one morning. Luckily for me, (and my dog) he wasn’t hungry. he stuck around long enough for me to run back into my home and grab my camera (and gun) luckily for him, I only shot him with the camera.

After having lived in Los Angeles for 20 years, the realities of living in a more rural setting where we really do share the land with wild animals (some that would like to eat us) is a bit of a culture shock and helps one to remember their place in this world.

You can tell this gator is a juvenile by his patterns. The adult gators in this area tend to be one color and are much wider. This guy was about 5 or 6 foot long nose to tail, but his bigger brothers are much larger. This gator could have been very dangerous, but I wasn’t really worried about him. I was more worried about where his mama could have been. She was probably close by, but I never saw her.

I did end up seeing this guy swimming in the river a bit later in the day. Many locals don’t realize that gators swim in the Indian River. It is a large, brackish river, and a lot of people think gators stick to fresh water. That really isn’t the case. They go wherever there is food.

Satellite Beach Florida

Satellite Beach Florida


Satellite Beach Florida – 4k Wallpaper

This beautiful stretch of beach known as Satellite beach Florida is located on the barrier islands of Florida’s Space Coast. About 20 miles south of the Kenedy Space Center, and immediately south of the Patrick Air Force Base, this stretch of beach was first settled in the 1950’s by people who worked on base but wanted to live off base and wanted to stay away from the more crowded Cocoa Beach are to the north of the Patrick Air Force base

Viera Wetlands


Viera Wetlands

I found this image of a group of dead palm trees in the vibrant Viera Wetlands to be very striking. Like a skeletonized hand reaching out from the waters reminding us that the cycle of life includes death as well as life. Tempus Fugit Momento Mori